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Zakynthos | New Flights with Wizz Air|Low Cost

Wizz Air is an ultra low cost company that is connecting airports since 2014.

Starting this summer Wizz Air

is connecting Zakynthos with three new airports: London/Luton, Vienna and Milan/Malpensa)

It means travelers are getting more options, flexibility with dates and also they can take the advantage of flying low cost.

What are the advantages of ultra low cost?


Wizz Air describes their basic packet like this:

Basic fare is for those who like to cherry pick the services they deem important. It includes a free carry-on bag (max. size 40 x 30 x 20cm) and online check-in, available based on seat selection

This is where a serious advantage is coming from low cost flights:

You get to choose and pay for the services that you actually need.

You can start with the basic plan and add the services that you actually need. For example this will come in quite handy for a large family or group. Let's say that you are a family of four or more. Traditionally that would mean that after buying four tickets you will be able to carry 4 personal item bags, 4 cabin suitcases (10 kg) and 4 checked suitcases (20-23 kg). So you are allowed to carry at least 120 kg and that would be overwhelming. You would actually need a minibus to carry all these. With low cost is easy to control and you pay less if you travel light.

So either you are a business traveler that prefers to travel light or a big family that needs less luggage, this feature will really come in handy.

The purchase of the tickets can be quite an adventure as you will be offered lots of extra options. If you stay focused and pay for the things you actually need you can get a really good deal.

Low cost travelers prefer to buy essential products on their destination and not carry unnecessary stuff (like shampoo, conditioner, sun cream, mosquitoes protection etc)

Many people are traveling in Zakynthos to see their family and friends so many times,so they might get some extra stuff over. You can add luggage only for one way. And pay the half of the luggage price.

Take a look on the flights here

You might get a really good deal for this summer or for 2021 !

These are the days that Wizz is operating in


United Kingdom| London/Luton


Italy| Milan


Austria| Vienna


Hungary| Budapest


*Wizz is also offering transport from Zakynthos Airport to Alykanas and other resorts

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