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Alykanas continues to be the subject of archaeology  exploration since 2013.


More than a tourist destination, Alykanas became also an important archaeological site and it is attracting people and scientists for all over the world.
the archaeological site
It all started in 2013.
Pavlos Voutos, a sea passionate local, was the first one who noticed the unusual stones while he was taking underwater photos.  The archaeologists showed an immediate interest for the site and started studying the bottom of the waters in Alyakanas.
They have collected data, took pictures, samples and materials from the bottom of the sea and also findings from the locals. The site is covering more than 30 acres.  It can be easily explored as the stones are located in very small depths of 2 to 6 meters.

Ancient building?

The Alykanas Archaeological Site has been studied again and again.
The first thought was that the stones are remains of an ancient important building. After many researches they were defined as a unique natural phenomenon.  
Alykanas and Zakynthos had given during the years many proofs about the ancient history and probably the discoveries will not stop here. 
All this started thanks to Pavlos Voutous to whom we are all thankful.
His passion for diving and photography  prooved to be so important for the whole world. His finding is not stopping raising questions. 

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