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Shipwreck Beach

Navagio. The famous Shipwreck Beach

Many people are travelling to Zakynthos and for most of them Navagio Beach is on their ”to do list”

Well, it is definitely worth seeing it and you should not miss the opportunity.

Alykanas is a perfect place to stay as you will have an easy access to Navagio Beach (The Shipwreck Beach)

The Beach

If you want to experience the turquoise waters you can use the big boat that is doing every day trips to Navagio from the Alykanas harbour. This is a good choice if you prefer a simple fast trip (4 hours).

You will get to swim at the famous beach, admire the beautiful scenery, the Blue Caves and not only.

✔ If you prefer to make your own program and enjoy the trip only with your family or friends you can rent a boat from Alykanas with or without a captain. You can discover the Alykanas Bay with the beautiful beaches or travel even further, to the Shipwreck Beach or any other spot from the Island, even Kefalonia. With individual boat you can make your own program, avoid busy hours and get access to remote beautiful beaches.

Watch our boat trip to Shipwreck Beach here

The Shipwreck Plateau

By car, you can reach the Navagio plateau in about 30 minutes of driving. You will definitely enjoy the trip with the beautiful scenery. Mountains, old villages and wild nature will give you the chance to have a really beautiful experience. Don’t forget to give enough time for you photo sessions.

See the Shipwreck Plateau here

The most wanted picture on top of Navagio is the one that became viral and everyone wants to get . Once you reach the plateau you will have an easy safe photo spot. Many people with an adventurous spirit will climb the mountains and get to the more wild spots. It is important not to get over adventurous and be extra careful.

You should take both trips, by boat and car as they are wonderful experiences and totally different.

On the plateau you will feel like you are on top of the world and the beach itself it is quite a unique experience.

The beach is becoming more and more popular so in full season it can get busy. I have been a couple of times at Navagio and I can also say that the waters are in their full beauty when the sun is already up and the cove gets the full light. It is just magical and a one in a lifetime experience.

If you are travelling with kids it is best to have any swim kit, tube or arm bands as the waters are getting quite deep.

The story

The Shipwreck Beach or the ‘Smugglers Cove‘ was actually originally named Agios Georgios

Panagiotis was the name of the boat and it was found in 1980 by the marine police. Looks like Panagiotis was smuggling contraband cigarettes and it was most probably sailing in poor weather.

The crew fled, leaving the ship to be washed ashore, where she currently remains.

I often wonder if people from the crew had even shared their experience. 🤷‍♀️

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